Mercer Debunks Myths about Couponing

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Rachel Mercer from The Telegraph recently published an article about common myths in couponing. The show Extreme Couponing has given people a completely new perspective on this process, and a lot of people avoid it for fear that they won’t be able to save like the show’s stars do. Luckily, Mercer was able to correct some of the myths that have come to surface so that people may feel more encouraged to shop smartly. Here’s her assertion in a nutshell.

Couponing Doesn’t Take That Long

Sure, there are people out there who make a full-time job out of couponing, but you don’t have to do that to save money. Mercer said that she usually spends about 4-5 hours couponing a week, including the time she spends in the store. If you have a job and a household to maintain, you can still squeeze in a few moments to save money.

Healthy Foods Can Be Couponed

Another reason why a lot of people avoid couponing is because they think they can only get frozen foods for low prices. That’s not the case. You can find produce and natural foods on sale if you look around enough. It’s just a matter of knowing what you like. Mercer said she had a friend that once got a whole cart of produce for $38. Anything is possible.

Small Towns Offer Savings Opportunities

You don’t have to live in a huge town to get huge savings. Granted, you may not get the 75-99% off deals that people do on TV, but you can get 30-50% off. If you can cut your bills in half, couponing is still worth the effort.

Think about all of this before you give up on couponing for good, and you may be able to put more in your piggy bank than you realize. Just remember that you don’t have to go to extremes to enjoy the benefits of saving money.

Finding Storage Space for a Stockpile

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Every true couponer has some kind of stockpile in her house to store all of the great deals she finds throughout the year. This is something that most people take pride in, like a trophy for their hard work and dedication. The only problem with having a stockpile is finding room for all of the things in it. In most cases, you’re going to have to get a little creative. Here are some tips to help you find room for your collected coupon treasures.

Fill Vertical Shelf Space

If you have a ton of empty space between the top of an item and the bottom of a shelf, find ways to use it. You could stack boxes on top of each other, or you could use wire racks to create new shelf space to use. As long as you can still access everything you need, you could greatly benefit from doing this.

Use High Closet Shelves

Think about those shelves at the top of your closet that you never use. They could be perfect places for your stockpile. Just get a little stepstool so you can access your stash, and you can put a ton of items up there. Try to use this area for household goods, like paper towels and toilet paper. That way, you never have to worry about it going bad.

Buy Unsuspecting Furniture

You could put up wardrobes and dressers in the home that look like they would house clothes. Then when people least expect it, open the doors to reveal your hidden treasures. If you want to keep everything a secret, you can do that too. It’s totally up to you.

Whether you just lost your job or you’re living off minority scholarships, you will benefit from having a stockpile around. You just have to make use of whatever space you have and try to fill it with good deals. Make a goal for yourself to cover every free inch of your home, and you’ll soon have a stockpile to be proud of. Extreme couponing starts today.

When thinking about budgeting, the first thing that came to my mind was a lot of static. Yet with a few simple steps I’ve learned to save money, and my sanity, by starting in an unlikely place, my grocery budget. Following my first two nervous breakdowns when budgeting, I began to look at the areas in which I could cut my spending easiest. As I watched each month I realized that my families need to eat was taking away the very thing I needed to make life easier, my money! So, I started to reduce my grocery budget with menu planning. Good menu planning for grocery budgeting involves knowing what your family likes to eat, yes it is that simple.

  1. Look at the meals you are preparing most (not your take out menus) and write them down.
  2. Now utilize websites such as to create your weekly, biweekly or monthly menu plans. Note: These menus do not have to be rigid, leave room for flexibility; the key is to know what your grocery budget needs are.

Couponing for Grocery Budgets, Couponing for life!

I have learned that there are only two types of couponers, the extremist and the rest of us. When I first started using coupons I tried all the tips from the “coupon experts.” What I discovered is that my poor ADD (attention deficit disorder) brain was incapable of focusing on one thing that long. However, I knew that to truly change my grocery budget it was necessary; so I simplified it and you can too.

  1. Find the sales. Check out local papers and circulars on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday’s, go to favorite grocer’s website for online only and unadvertised sales.
  2. Compare your menus to the sales. Note: concentrate on one or two stores or find a store that does price matching or has perks programs to maximize savings.
  3. Clip those coupons from the Sunday paper and couponing websites which often offer links to company sites. Match your menus to the sales; match the sales to the coupons. Yes, creating a functional grocery budget is that simple! So don’t fear it, embrace it, and leave your money where it belongs, in your pocket.
  4. Manufacture coupons: Checks websites like or

Couponing for a College Party

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Parties are pretty common in college, especially for people in a sorority or fraternity. If you are a college student at the moment, you may be tempted to throw your own bash at some point in time. There is just something so exciting about the idea of throwing a party, no matter how much it may cost. Lucky for you, there are ways to actually use coupons to save enough money so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your big day. All you have to worry about is getting people to come. Here are some tips to help you throw the best party possible with coupons in hand.

Collecting Coupons for a Party

If you already know that you are going to be throwing a party, you might as well start collecting coupons to use for it. You could do this by just saving the coupons you personally get in the mail, but that may not be enough coupons to cover your costs completely. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, get your pledges to go around campus trying to get coupons from people. If you are in a club, see if you can get people to bring them to the next meeting. You could also contact the newspaper to see if they have any excess ads from the Sunday paper that they are going to throw away. You may be able to pick those up to use for your party.

Selecting Food and Drinks for the Party

In terms of the food and drinks that you can use in your party, try to think outside the box. You may not be able to get a good deal on classics like chips and salsa. You may, however, get a good deal on fruit or pretzels or something else that is slightly unconventional. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. If you can find the ingredients for a really good dish, you might be able to make your own snacks instead of buying them. The little extra work will pay off well in the end.

Creating Invitations for a Party

If you are planning to advertise your party a bit, try to look for coupons for printer ink and paper. You may also want to have a few of your friends make large sets of prints in the library. This will only work if you don’t have to pay money to use the printer on campus. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more this way in the long run. Think about everything you need to put together your invitations and look for coupons to cover their costs. Then all you have to do is start passing out the flyers and hope people show up.

Couponing may not be the first activity you think about for a college party, but it can help you stay on budget while still having fun. Test out the suggestions above for your big blowout, and you’ll surely have a good time.

Extreme Couponing Won’t Work Everywhere

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When I first saw the show “Extreme Couponing,” I got super excited about the idea of saving a ton of money. All of the men and women on that show save 90+% on the items they buy, and they seem to do so pretty consistently. A few episodes in, I thought I knew all I needed to know to save hundreds of dollars on groceries. Boy was I wrong. It turns out that half the crap they show on the show won’t work in my area, and I’m not alone in that. Before you get sucked up into the idea of reducing your grocery bills significantly, you need to realize the truth about extreme couponing. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Double Value Coupons
Most extreme couponers save as much as they do because they can double the value of their coupons. Thus a $2.00 coupon turns into a $4.00 coupon when the item was only $3.50 to begin with. From what I have discovered, these coupon offers aren’t available in a lot of small towns. They may be great in larger cities, but they aren’t even feasible for small town America. Stores that do offer double coupon days often limit the value of a coupon can be so it does not exceed $1.00. That can severely reduce the amount of money you save from your forensic science salary, or whatever you may make in your job.

Coupon Stacking
Coupon stacking is a process where you use a coupon on the sale price of an item to save double the money. This is great in certain stores, but a lot of stores will only allow you to use coupons on regularly priced items. For instance, you cannot use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby if there is a 50% off sale on an item. You also can’t use a coupon on a clearance item. This defeats the idea of coupon stacking completely, leaving you with a limited amount of money to save.

Extreme couponing may work for some people, but it just isn’t an option for others. Nevertheless, you should look for creative ways to save in your area, even if you can’t be as extreme as the people on TV. You can still get a good deal on the food and personal items you need. You just can’t expect to save thousands of dollars along the way. Use a show like Extreme Couponing as inspiration, not a model to live by. You’ll be much better off that way in the end.

Interesting Couponing Statistics from 2010

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I don’t think I understood how popular couponing was until I saw Extreme Couponing on TLC. That is when I finally came to grips with the fact that people use coupons to save money all the time. If you are new to the coupon clipping world, you may be surprised to find out just how powerful couponing is in the modern world. I recently read some statistics on that I felt like sharing because they show the sheer magnitude of this art form. If you can master it as well as some of the extreme couponers on TV, you could save thousands of dollars a year in personal expenses. Here are some interesting stats from 2010:

  • $485 billion worth of coupons were distributed in 2010
  • 25% of coupon users spend between 30 minutes and 60 minutes searching for coupons per week
  • 25% spend up to an hour shopping for the best online discount deals
  • 332 billion coupons were distributed in 2010, the most ever recorded in the U.S.
  • 47% of respondents use more local deals and coupons than in 2010
  • 52% of coupon users spend more than 15 minutes per week searching for coupons
  • 74% of consumers search multiple coupon sources each week
  • 74% of coupons in 2010 required the purchase of one item and 26% the purchase of two or more items
  • 78.3% of consumers reported using coupons regularly in 2010, up 14.7% from pre-recession levels
  • 87.7% of paper coupons were distributed in 2010 via newspaper inserts, for an increase of 19 billion coupons
  • 88.2 million consumers (47% of Internet users) plan on using online coupons in 2011
  • 92.5 million adult Internet users will use online coupons in 2012
  • 96.8 million adult Internet users will use online coupons in 2013
  • Consumer coupon use in 2010 added up to $3.7 billion in savings, an increase of $200 million over 2009
  • Consumers saved $3.7 billion using coupons in 2010
  • Digital offers increased by 37% in 2010
  • Distribution in 2010 exceeded 2009 by 6.8%, or 21 billion coupons
  • Every hour spent couponing in 2011 is worth an estimated $100
  • Moms are roughly twice as likely to search for coupons online as other categories of women
  • Overall coupon redemption grew 3.1%, to 3.3 billion, in 2010
  • The average coupon expired in 10.1 weeks in 2010, 10 days shorter than in 2009
  • The average savings per coupon used was $1.44 in 2010
  • The face value of coupons in 2010 increased 6.6%, to an average of $1.46 per coupon

As you can see, coupons are incredibly powerful nowadays. With the economy in the crapper and unemployment rates skyrocketing, it is no wonder that people are now turning to coupons to make the most of their money. If you’re scraping by with the salary from your teaching career, you may want to find a way to incorporate coupons into your shopping. The stats show that this could lead to huge savings over time, so it can’t hurt to at least test out the process. We have tons of couponing tips right here on the site, so feel free to look around and learn how to coupon like the pros. If everything works out well, you should be saving money in no time.

Different Uses for Different Coupons

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There are so many different kinds of coupons in the world nowadays that it is hard to find just one type to use. Smart couponers know that the only way to really save money is to explore all of the coupons out there and use as many of them as they possibly can. If you have been trying to find good coupons to use in your own life, you may be pleased to see just how many of them are currently in existence. Chances are that at least one of them will help you conserve your administrative assistant salary. Here is a look at some of the many coupons in the world so you can pick the perfect ones for you.

Grocery Coupons

Most often, coupons are used to make purchases at a grocery store. Families have to find a way to feed their children, and sometimes the only way to do that is through grocery coupons. If you want to save money at the grocery store, you should see if your grocer has a store membership card. This should be free to get, and it will allow you to save money on your purchases. For instance, at Kroger, you can usually save 10% if you have a Kroger card. You don’t have to pay anything for it, so you might as well use the opportunity in front of you.

You could also look into downloadable coupons, coupon inserts, and free printable coupons to increase your chances of saving money at the store. With the right coupons in place, you may be able to cut your bills in half.

Online Coupons

If you like to shop online, you may be able to save money with the use of promo codes. I use coupon codes every time I rent textbooks online, and I usually save 15% or more, on top of the money I save by renting. There are tons of sites you can go to for coupon codes, but I usually just Google “X coupon codes.” Then I click on whatever the search engine provides me with and hope for the best. If you like the fact that you can save money online, you will love the fact that you can save even more with coupon codes.

Free Shipping Coupons

Whenever you order an item online or over the phone, you will most likely have to pay for shipping. With the use of a shipping coupon though, you might not have to. Sometimes you have to sign up for a service in order to receive free shipping, so you just need to make sure to cancel that service before you get charged for it.

Restaurant Coupons

Most couponers don’t like to eat out because it can be really expensive. However, some simple coupons can reduce the money you have to pay for your meals, which can make going out a lot more enjoyable. You can find restaurant coupons just about everywhere, from newspapers to phone books and anywhere in between. If you have a college campus around you, you might be able to get some great coupon books there. Restaurants love promoting themselves on college campuses because college students eat out so much. Look for a free coupon book there, and you’ll be eating like a king in no time.

There are so many other ways to use coupons, so you really just need to look into the options available to you. With the right coupons at the right times, you’ll have no problem getting what you want for a price you can afford.

Printing Coupons Online – How the Process Works

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The process of couponing has changed a lot over the years, more so than most people realize. Now couponers are logging onto the internet to print off coupons from their computers, rather than relying solely on the Sunday paper to help them save. Printing coupons online is not difficult to do, regardless of the couponing site you like to use. You don’t have to take software development courses just to print coupons on the computer. You can go to a website, click on a button or two, and watch the savings poor out of your printer. Here is a guide to show you just how easy it is to save money with printable coupons online.

Finding Printable Coupons Online

Before you can print coupons from your computer, you obviously need to have a set of coupons to print off. You can find these through a variety of websites, so you really just need to take a look around. has links to some great databases online, so you could go to that site for inspiration in starting your journey. Then you can search through the site until you find coupons that you like or could use. That is when the printing process begins.

Clipping Printable Coupons Online

Once you find some coupons that you like, you will need to “clip” them, just like you would standard coupons in your store ads. This works a little differently for every site you may use, so it is important to learn the process for the specific site you are working on. With and a lot of other sites, you can just click on a box to clip your coupons and then print them off all at the end. If you can’t do that, you should be able to find some sort of clip, save, or print button to use.

Downloading the Software for Printing Coupons Online

Just about every printable coupon website is going to have a software program that you have to download in order to use its coupons. This software tracks the number of prints you have made on each coupon so you do not exceed the standard two coupon minimum. This minimum is in place to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the savings they can get from the coupons. The software is free to download, and it usually sets itself up pretty quickly. If not, the website will walk you through the setup process without a problem. You may be able to use the same program for multiple websites, depending on what it is. You won’t know that until you test the waters though.

Printing Coupons from the Internet

Once you have all of the software you need to print coupons from the internet, all you have to do is click print and go. Most websites will remember your printing information after that, so all you have to do is click on a button to print what you want. You can print as many coupons as you want from as many sites as you want, as long as you abide by the rules of the site. Think about all of the savings that could come from there.

Printing coupons online is far from rocket science, but it is something that may take a little bit to get used to. If you play around on a few different sites, you should get the hang of it pretty easily. Hopefully this guide showed you everything you need to know about printable coupons online. Now all you have to do is put these lessons to good use.

Finding the Perfect Binder to Hold Your Coupons

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Most people only think about binders when they’re trying to buy school supplies. True couponers will take that thought one step further though. Coupon binders are some of the most versatile tools in the deal-digging world, and they are prized possessions for those that use them. If you have been looking for a good binder to house all of your coupons, there are a few features you may want to seek out in your quest. You can act as your own private investigator scoping out the bet binder for your couponing needs. Before you do that though, you need to know what to look for. Here are some suggestions to help you find the best binder for your coupons.


The size of your coupon binder will depend on the amount of coupons you plan to house in it. If you only coupon every once and a while, you may only need a 1″ binder or so. If you are really detailed about organizing your binder, you may use a 5″ binder. You have to think about how many sheets of coupons you will logically use and try to adjust around that. You can always buy something small and then upgrade to something larger as the time passes. That way you don’t spend money on a huge binder that you don’t actually need right now.


Your binder is probably going to get a lot of wear and tear when you tote it from store to store. You need to find something that is going to last for a long time without ripping in half. Most of the cheap stuff they sell at Walmart will only last for about six months. Even though it seems like the better deal, it will actually cost you more money in the long run. You need to focus on finding a binder that is going to last for a few years, and then you will be able to get your money’s worth out of it.


Some coupon binders have convenient little pockets built into them that you can use to hold scissors, calculators, and whatever else you need to carry around with you. You can use a pencil pouch to do the same thing, but sometimes it is nice to have extra storage space. That way you can keep all of your couponing items in one area at one time, without having to worry about finding stuff in your purse later on. This gives you better access to the deals when you need them most.


Of course, price is going to impact what you decide to buy in the end. Try to look for a coupon from Staples or Office Depot because those stores tend to have better quality binders. Most of the time, it pays to invest in quality couponing supplies because you will be using them so often. I’m not suggesting that you would have to pay…gulp…retail for the binder you need, but you should at least make sure you get something that’s worth a crap. Compare the prices from a few different stores if you have to, and you should be able to find a binder bargain somewhere along the way.

Your coupon binder is going to be a huge part of your life as a savvy shopper. It pays to do a little research to find out which binder will truly work for you. You can look into different colors and designs if you want to, but that isn’t going to be as important as the function of the binder. If you find a really good deal on one, buy a few of them. You will eventually be able to use them as your current binder starts to wear down. With the right binder at the right time, you will have no trouble couponing like a pro.

Learning How to Be a Better Couponer

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If you have been couponing for a while now, you probably think that you are all that and a bag of buy-one-get-one-free chips. You may very well be the baron of bargains in your community, but that does not mean that you cannot learn a thing or two about how to save. A lot of couponers lose out on improving their saving abilities because they are not willing to learn new tricks of the trade. In my opinion, you can never be over-educated when it comes to saving money. That is why you need to learn about couponing as much as possible so that you can make the most of your time in a store. Here are a few ways you could potentially improve your skills in the future.

Watch Extreme Couponing

If you are still using one or two coupons a week as your source of savings, you can’t call yourself a true couponer. The fact is that there are men and women out there who probably save a lot more money than you do, and most of them are featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing. This is a show devoted to people who literally make a career out of couponing. In the show, you can find tons of helpful tips to make you better at what you already do. If you are new to the process of couponing, this show can provide you with a crash course in how to get better at it. In general, it is definitely worth watching.

Subscribe to Coupon Blogs

There are tons and tons and tons of coupon sites online such as,, and any one of them could be a great place for you to pick up helpful tips. Some people just turn to coupon blogs to find great deals, but they can be used for training purposes as well. If you subscribe to the posts, you can see all of those great deals, and you can also pick up on tips from really couponers like you and me. Perhaps there is some piece of information that you have missed in your shopping experiences that you wouldn’t know about without one of these blogs. You never know until you start exploring like an FBI agent.

Watch YouTube Videos

A lot of couponers have started putting up videos online explaining what they do and how they save money. By watching those videos, you can learn about all of the different techniques that these men and women use for deal hunting. Then you can emulate what you learn in your own life so you can save as much money as possible. Combine suggestions from different sets of people, and you should have no trouble saving money when you need it most. It’s all a matter of watching the right videos at the right time.

Still Not Convinced?

If you are still stubborn about learning how to coupon more effectively, consider all of the time it took for you to learn how to coupon as well as you do now. Don’t you wish someone would have just told you all of this information so you wouldn’t have had to figure it out on your own? Think about all of the money you could have saved back in the day and how much more you could save now. When you really start assessing all of this, you may not question the art of learning more about couponing.

Find a great video series, book set, or coupon blog that you can count on, and you will be on your way to even greater savings in no time.

Tips for Keeping Your House Cool in the Summer

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The summer months are dreadful no matter where you live in the country, but they can be especially taxing if you live in the south. If you are tired of spending tons of money on air conditioning bills, you need to learn how to keep your home cool without spending too much money overall. Keeping your house cool is about more than having a good air conditioner. There are some other things you can do to reduce the heat in your home and your energy bills as a result. Here are a few tips to help you drop the degrees in your house so you can make it through the summer without melting along the way.

*Note that I am posting this in the winter because that is when most places have sales on cooling products. Buy now if you want to get the best deals of the year.

Install a Good Roof

Your roof is the part of your home that gets the most direct sunlight, so it is important to install a roofing system that will not allow a ton of heat to get into your home. A metal alloy roof will provide you with the most protection from heat and sunlight, and it will last for a lifetime. You will only need to invest in this protective source once. If you buy now, you can probably find a really good deal on roofing because most people don’t get their roofs fixed until the spring or summer. The crews will be anxious to work with you, so they will most likely cut you a break on materials and labor costs.

Get a Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is a form of insulation that you can use with your roof to protect your house form any sun that manages to get through the roofing. The barrier will essentially collect the sunrays and reflect them out of the house so you do not have to suffer from the heat. You can get a free radiant barrier with the installation of a metal roof (in most cases), or you could purchase one to install on your own. Either way, you will see a significant improvement in your house temperatures throughout the summer.

Cover Your Windows

Mini-blinds are not always sufficient enough to keep the heat from coming through your windows. You may consider buying darkening shades or curtains to keep out the heat during the summer. You can still pull these back at night to see outside, but the covers will protect your windows when the sun is most prevalent in the day. A simple investment like this can cut your air conditioning costs dramatically. Some people also choose to put aluminum foil under the blinds to block out the sun, but that will not allow any light in at all. You have to weigh out your options to figure out what the best plan of attack is going to be.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to stand next to an open refrigerator to keep yourself cool in the summer. You just have to modify your house to maintain cool temperatures during the hotter parts of the year. Hopefully the tips above will provide you with ways to do just that. Sometimes it takes a little bit of money to save money in the long run. If you spend that money now, you will have the best chance at getting a low price on the solutions you need. Then when the summer hits, you will be nice and cool in your home.

Krazy Coupon Lady Review

Posted: 20th February 2012 by bnorfleet in Uncategorized is one of my favorite coupon blogs on the web, and it is one that I remark on every chance I get. I recently came to the realization that I haven’t posted a review about the site yet, so I figured it may be a good idea to get the word out there. If you haven’t checked out the blog yet, you really need to. It could change the way you coupon for the better. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of the site so you can get a better understanding of what it could do for you.

An Overview of Krazy Coupon Lady

Before I go into the pros and cons of KCL, I thought I would explain what this site is all about. Krazy Coupon Lady is a blog for coupons of all ages, genders, and skill levels. It is a fun place to go for couponing tips, links, resources, and more. The sections of the site include:

  • Let’s Shop: The main page of the site, home of the daily deals and store specials.
  • Krazy This Week: A database of coupon matchups that compare store sales with coupons online and in newspaper inserts.
  • Beginners: A training program to help new couponers save money from the start.
  • Retail Therapy: A list of great deals to help you avoid spending retail prices on the items you need.
  • Print Coupons: A large database of printable coupons, along with links to other databases online.
  • Freebies: A list of sweepstakes, giveaways, and free samples in restaurants and retail stores/
  • Extreme Couponing: A training facility for experienced couponers who want to save the most money they possibly can.
  • Brag Lounge: A forum where couponers can get advice or post stories about their couponing success.
  • Book: A link to, a site dedicated to a book written by the blog owners.

You can see a little walkthrough of all this information through the video below:

Pros and Cons of Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady is by far the most exciting coupon blog I have found because it is well designed and chalk-full of great information. You can find anything from free offers to advice videos on the site, and all of that information can improve your couponing skills over time. The women behind KCL are real couponers with real couponing experiences. They know what they are talking about, and you can tell that in every post that they make. They put up tons of deals throughout the day on just about anything you could want, which means that there is never a dull moment on the blog.

The only problem I really have is that the site may be a little too complicated for some users. I’m pretty computer savvy, so I can navigate through multiple menus without breaking a sweat. I think that some other users may have a hard time finding the information they need, just because there is so much of it to choose from on the site. There also seem to be a lot of technical problems on the site because I will have difficulties pulling up pages at times. Luckily the help on the site makes up for any glitches that I may come across when I’m on.

If you want to be the best couponer you can be, you have to at least look at this site. You’ll be saving more of your criminal justice salary in no time.

The Importance of Coupon Policies

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Coupon policies are rules that stores have in place for the way that people can use coupons for various items. Every coupon policy is different, and keeping up with all of them is not always easy to do. With that in mind, it is important to have a firm grasp on couponing policies because they impact how much money you could potentially save on a shopping trip. If you try to use a coupon incorrectly, you could end up paying…RETAIL…for an item. Ahhh! Let’s take a look at the true importance of coupon policies so you can start using them in your savings.

The Information in Coupon Policies

Couponing policies outline how, when, and where you can apply coupons in a certain store. They may put a limit on the amount of money you can double a coupon to or the amount of coupons you can use per transaction. Some stores will not allow you to use coupons on top of sale prices, which is a process known as stacking. If you cannot stack your coupons at a store, you will be very limited in the amount of money you can save. You need to know all of this before you get your hopes set on a sale price you won’t be able to hit.

Where to Find Coupon Policies

You can contact the store you want to work with for coupon policies, but that may be hard to do if you like to shop all over the place. Some popular coupon blogs have coupon policies listed on their sites, which are a lot easier to reference than individual store policies. has a really great list you can refer to, and so does You can look to either one of those websites when you want to review policies from different stores you like to shop in. They should have most of the information you may need.

How to Use Coupon Policies

Skim over the coupon policies you will most likely use, and try to get a firm understanding of how you can use coupons in different stores. Keep in mind the information about stacking and doubling, as that will have the biggest impact on the amount of money you can save couponing. You don’t have to study this like you’re going to be tested on it, but you do need to look over it pretty carefully. It can’t hurt to be overly prepared.

It may be a good idea to print off a copy of store coupon policies to keep in your coupon binder, just so you can refer to them whenever you go out. You can put these in the back for easy reference. They don’t have to be right at the front. If you have your coupons organized by store, you could put each store’s policy with its section. It just depends on what your overall organization plan is and how you like to refer to information.

Stores update their coupon policies fairly often, so try to check back with your store’s policies whenever you can, just to stay up to date. There is no guarantee there is going to be a change in the policy, but you have to make sure you catch any changes that happen when they do. With the current state of the economy, you never know when a store is going to get strict about saving and ruin your chances of saving money. If you review your coupon policies often enough, you should have no trouble enjoying the best experience you can have shopping.

Couponing Your Way to a Romantic Valentine’s Day

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Are you trying to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day on a small budget? You are not alone. This is one of the biggest holidays of the year because it sends people off into a frenzy, buying gifts, planning meals, and doing all sorts of romantic things they may not do otherwise. You should not let your small budget stop you from having a good time with the person you love. You just need to find a way to make coupons work for you. Here is a look at how you may be able to use coupons to create a great date night for your partner or spouse. Let’s consider this your personal guide to cupid couponing.

Couponing for a Home Made Meal

You don’t necessarily have to go out to eat to have a romantic dinner. You can make the dinner all on your own. Doing this would allow you to save money in gas, food, and tips, and it would give you a chance to speak privately with your date right at home. Try to find coupons that would allow you to buy all of the ingredients for a really romantic meal, or try to pull them from your stockpile. If you can match up the right coupons and Valentine’s Day store sales, you should be able to gather enough food for a pretty decent dinner.

Couponing for a Special Gift

You don’t have to get your partner flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day. You could actually think outside of the box a bit. Maybe you girlfriend wants her own Build-a-Bear or your husband wants his own kegerator. Think of this like a second Christmas, rather than a time to exchange cliché romantic gifts. As much as your wife may love that diamond bracelet from Kay Jewelers, she could just as easily love the portable book reader that is on sale at Walmart. If you can figure out a gift that works within your budget, you should be able to make the most out of your day.

Couponing for Entertainment

You may have a hard time finding cheap movie tickets on Valentine’s Day, but there are other forms of entertainment that could be available at a discount. For instance, you could go to a free concert at a local coffee shop or rent a movie with the discount card you already have. You don’t have to go through the predictable venues to formulate a date for Valentine’s Day. In fact, your partner may prefer something a little out of the ordinary. Try to get creative with the events you plan, and you will both have a much better time in the end.

Couponing for Travel Tickets

You don’t have to stick to your home town for V Day. You can always plan a special vacation with the one you love. This could be a second honeymoon for you or just a nice getaway you can spend as a couple. If you manage to find a good deal early on, you can enjoy a great vacation without having to spend a ton of money on it. The key is to keep your eyes open and find the best option for you and your partner.

There is no reason to avoid having a romantic Valentine’s Day just because you have a small budget to work with. You just have to think about what money you have left from your neonatal nurse salary and try to find options that will work within that. If you are creative enough from the start, you should have no trouble creating a special moment you will always remember.

63 Coupon Sites You Can’t Save Without

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Couponing is no longer a matter of just clipping ads out of the Sunday paper. It has branched out to the World Wide Web. Whether you need to find coupons or you need help being a better couponer, you might want to turn to the web for the assistance you are looking for. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of couponing sites out there, so much that it would be impossible for me to list them all. Nevertheless, I have compiled a list of my 63 favorites for your entertainment. Check out some of the links below and see if they lead you to savings in the future.

  1. 8 Coupons
  2. Baby Cheapskate
  3. Bargainist
  4. Ben’s Bargains
  5. Brads Deals
  6. Buxr
  7. Cheap Stingy Bargains
  8. Coupon Album
  9. Coupon Cabin
  10. Coupon Divas
  11. Coupon Mom
  12. Coupon Mountain
  14. Crazy Coupon Mommy
  15. Deal Catcher
  16. Dealigg
  17. Dealighted
  18. Dealio
  19. Deal Locker
  20. Deal News
  21. Deals
  22. Deals 2 Buy
  23. Deals of America
  24. Deals Plus
  25. Deal Taker
  26. Ebates
  27. eCoupons
  28. Entertainment Book
  29. Fat Wallet
  30. Freebies 4 Mom
  31. Free Shipping
  32. Gotta Deal
  33. Hip 2 Save
  34. Mommy Saves Big
  35. My Grocery Deals
  36. Retail Me Not
  37. Savings
  38. Shop It To Me
  39. Shortcuts
  40. Slick Deals
  41. Spoofee
  42. Tech Bargains
  43. Krazy Coupon Lady
  44. Valpak
  45. America’s Cheapest Family
  46. Cellfire
  47. CheapTweet
  48. Coupon Craze
  49. Coupon Dudes
  50. Couponing to Disney
  51. Coupon Sense
  52. Coupon Sherpa
  53. Coupon Suzy
  54. CouponTweet
  55. Dealplumber
  56. Deal Seeking Mom
  57. Yowza
  58. MySavings
  59. Pinching Your Pennies
  60. Red Plum
  61. We Use Coupons
  62. Zavers

If there is a site that I missed, let me know. Those are just the ones I have looked through or used recently. Feel free to do your own coupon site exploration and see what you find. A good deal may only be a click away from you.

Creating a Coupon Reference List

If you like the coupon sites listed above and want to reference them in the future, you may want to create a section of bookmarks devoted to couponing sites. I actually have multiple folders of bookmarks that I go to on a regular basis, just so I can navigate between them easier. I have a list of coupon blogs, a list of coupon databases, and a list of coupon comparison sites. I use all of them on a pretty regular basis to save as much money as possible. If you develop your own list of sites to pull from, you should have no trouble shopping within a budget in the future.

Coupon Usage Tips: Making a List and Checking It Twice

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If you want to be an effective couponer, you have to make a plan. You need to know which coupons you are going to use, where you are going to use them, and when you need to use them by. A lot of people just find coupons and use them on a whim, but that is not an effective use of your time. You need to make a plan to save as much money as possible, and that isn’t always easy to do at first. The tips below are designed to help you use coupons correctly so that you can save as much of your tattoo artist salary as possible.

Understand Coupon Policies

Every store has a different policy related to how you can use coupons within it. You need to review these store coupon policies before you try to use a coupon in a way that you shouldn’t be able to use it. You may not be able to double up on certain kinds of coupons, or you may be limited by the amount of discounts you can get. If you understand all of that before you go out, you will be able to plan your savings more effectively.

Use Coupon Matchups

Coupon matchups are great for saving money because they allow you to use coupons during store sales to save as much money as possible. You can match coupons up on your own, or you could use some of the resources available online. Here are some of my favorite places to go when I want to see the coupon matchups for a week:

If you check over those sites and others like them before you go out, you will be able to make sure you save as much money as you can on the items you need most. Some coupon matchups will save you more money than others, but they will all save more than coupons alone. Keep the matchups in mind as you shop, and you will be able to plan your shopping a lot better in the long run.

Make a Shopping Itinerary

If you want to be considered a true extreme couponer, you need to make an itinerary to follow as you shop. Get a rough idea of which aisles you need to be in while you shop so you don’t end up going back across the store because you missed something. You need to know which stores are having sales throughout the week, and you also need to know how many of each item you need to get. That way you can obtain a rain check for any of the items the store may not have enough of at a certain time.

Once you have your list in place, think about how much you should be spending after coupons and other store discounts. That way you can watch your total at the register and make sure everything is working out properly. If you planned well and executed your plan correctly, you should end up with a low total you can be happy with. Make sure to use your coupons before they expire, and check with stores to see when their sales run out. Hopefully you can be in the right place at the right time to save a ton of money as you shop.

Best Ways to Find Coupons in 2012

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It is a new year now and a new chance to find coupons for your household. Ever since the launch of Extreme Couponing on TLC, people have started to view coupons as forms of money and solutions for frugal living. No matter what your budget is or what you like to buy, you can benefit from the use of coupons in your life. The key is to find coupons that you can use and then figure out a way to use them effectively. Here are a few suggestions on how to go about finding coupons in 2012. You can use these tips to help you save the most money possible.

Read Coupon Blogs

One of the easiest ways to get access to great deals is to read coupon blogs from real couponers just like you. Some of my favorite coupon blogs include:

All of those sites feature great tips on how to coupon, but they also provide great lists for coupon matchups and suggestions on deals you could find in your area. The people that run the blog frequently post deals that they get throughout the week so that you could potentially get them yourself. If you subscribe to the newsletters for these blogs, you can get email alerts about special discounts that you may not have otherwise known about. The blogs are fun, entertaining, and incredibly helpful as you struggle to stretch your budget. I would recommend them to anyone.

Printable Coupons

You obviously have a computer with internet access because you are reading this post. Thus the only other thing you need to access coupons from the web is to get a printer. If you have one of those, you could print coupons from popular coupon databases and hopefully save a lot of money in the long run. Some great databases to keep in mind include:

You can find tons of coupons on those sites to use online and in stores. You just have to explore your options and see what you could possibly use. Most of the sites have all of the coupons categorized by type, by store, or by something else along those lines. You can browse through each of the sites to see what they have to offer, and then you will be able to print or use your coupons accordingly.

Coupon Inserts

Newspaper inserts may seem a little antiquated, but they are still great resources for coupons. Unlike printable coupons, you can get as many copies of these coupons as you want. If you get the coupon inserts that are left over at the newspaper office every week, you could get hundreds of coupons to use for your shopping. Combine these with the sale prices in stores, and you should be able to save a ton of money in the long run.

Finding coupons in 2012 is simply a matter of looking around. Use the internet and the print ads around you so that you can save money from every angle. With the economy in a rocky situation, you might as well do whatever you can to reduce your expenses in a month. Proper couponing techniques may allow you to do just that.

The Truth behind Coupon Email Alerts

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If you ever read the tips on coupon blogs or printable coupons sites, you have probably come across the idea for a coupon email newsletter or alert system of some sort. This is basically a program that you can access for free and get information about special deals and promotions emailed directly to you. Most coupon sites have these little newsletters, and they can seem pretty enticing at first. Before you get excited about them though, you may want to know what they are really used for. Let’s examine the truth behind coupon email alert programs so you can determine whether or not you want to sign up for one.

What Coupon Sites Get from Giving Away Free Coupons

Isn’t it a little odd that a coupon site would just email you information every day without wanting something in return? They don’t want any part of your business administrator salary, so no worries about having to shell out money for these services. They are legitimately free. There is still a catch with them though, and that is the fact that you are basically selling your information so that companies can advertise to you.

Whenever a coupon blog gets popular, tons of different people want to advertise on it to encourage visitors to come to their site or store. That results in a lot of businesses wanting access to the email lists from the coupon sites so that they can send out marketing materials to people who would genuinely be interested in their specials. When you sign up for a free newsletter, you aren’t actually signing up for a free newsletter. You are giving out information so that companies can contact you and even spam you on a regular basis. You have to determine if you are okay with that or not.

Does That Really Matter?

Even though coupon email alerts are essentially scams to get you to give up your information, you can still get a lot of useful information out of them. I have found a lot of good deals through the few newsletters I have subscribed to, and I usually save at least a little money in the year with them. Thus I don’t mind having my information floating all over the place if it is in fact giving me access to special deals I may not have found on my own. When you get right down to it, the truth behind coupon email alerts just isn’t as important as the offers you can find through them.

How to Avoid Getting Spammed through Email Alerts

If you want to avoid getting a lot of spam mail through the email address you use for the newsletters, just set up a fake email account to use. Give out a fake name and that fake address, and then all you have to do is check that email account every day or week. That way you avoid clogging your inbox with information you may not need and you have an easy way to ignore the information if it turns out to be pure spam. I have three different email accounts that I rotate when signing up for promotions like that, and I just check them every now and then for deals. If all I see is cheap advertising, I send it all to the trash and move on.

Now that you know what really happens with coupon email alert systems, you can determine if you want to sign up for them or not. You should not experience much of a negative effective from signing up or not signing up, so it is really up to you as to what to do. Hopefully the tips above have cleared any confusions you have about these programs so you can go about using them effectively in the future.